Perched on the edge of the spectacular Batoka Gorge, Gorges and Little Gorges provides an exciting platform from which to watch and enjoy a fantastic array of birdlife.


The gorge here is nearly 270 metres deep in some places and over a kilometre wide. The colossal cliffs that provide hundreds of potential nesting sites for raptors create winds and up-draughts that offer an environment perfect for avian predators.


These powerful airflows whip into the air the thousands of insects that support flocks of swifts and martins, who in turn are preyed upon by falcons - peregrine, lanner and taita.


Our indigenous well-watered garden is just over a kilometre long and a haven for small wildlife. A resident pair of Verreaux's Eagles nest opposite the lodge and hunt in the garden several times a day. Instead of the traditional view of the eagles soaring above your head, here you witness these huge regal birds hunting almost within arm’s reach and at eye level.


Then the walls of the gorge provide an environment for another suite of raptors - Augur Buzzards also nest within sight of the lodge and in the evenings we see Bat Hawks take over hunting for nocturnal insectivores


But birding at Gorges is not just about the rock stars – the birds of prey  - it is also about waking up to the prehistoric wailing of trumpeter hornbill and the exquisite emerald cuckoo, and then looking out through the steam of your coffee and seeing the delicate sunbirds enjoying our aloes.


If you weren’t a bird watcher when you arrived…you will definitely leave as one!



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