Camelthorn: soon to be our most luxurious addition


Camelthorn will be our most exclusive lodge to date. We have chosen to build this flagship camp in one of Hwange’s last remaining corners of well-protected and un-spoilt woodlands.


When we were plotting the design for our next addition, we knew we wanted it to be a little bit of unique and a lot of special. Due to this we have not opted for the area’s traditional model of camp; we have not found a small patch of trees for shade in front of a large open plain, and then put in an artificially pumped water hole to attract the elephants…. Instead, we have decided that Camelthorn will quietly nestle in one of Hwange’s last untouched corners of real woodland wilderness.


Deep in amongst the Camelthorn and ebony trees our stunning new lodge will offer huge glass fronts, overlooking small watering holes and birdfeeders that will attract some of the smaller and less destructive woodland creatures; bushbuck, duiker, mongoose and squirrel – not to mention a plethora of colourful birdlife.


Each individual luxurious cabin will be topped off with a private outdoor maisonette – where you can soak up the suns rays, or even sleep out under the stars.


However, do not think we have forgotten about Hwanges fame for its elephant, and of course we couldn’t leave them out all together… Due to the destruction elephant cause we want to keep them away from our Disneyland forest, so there is a permanent waterhole no more than a kilometer away. This will attract the elephants in all year round, whilst keeping our woodland intact. Whenever the notion takes our guests they will be able to take an escorted stroll to our large private underground blind, to sit and relax whilst observing the drinking wildlife right up close.


All of our activities that are on offer at Bomani will also be available at Camelthorn and your private guide will love nothing more than to show you round. For more information follow the link below.


The building of Camelthorn has finally started and we are set to open early 2013. For more information please contact Mark at

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